Sunday, June 14, 2009

jazz flamingos

saturday june 13, 2009
i slept in today. we got home last um this morning at 4am, so some sleeping-in was needed.

i just took it easy during the day strolling down santa fe (a main street). i set out looking for a new shower curtain. our current one looks a little old ladyish. i found a store that had some bathroom rugs and shower curtains for a reasonable price. i was deciding between yellow flowers or pink flamingos.

the pink flamingos won.

on my walk back i stepped into a clothing store to look around. i found the cutest long sleeve, v-neck, short dress and an adorable leather belt that is worn high in the waist. both were 70 pesos ($19), but when the sales woman, who i was chatting with, rang me up, she only charged me 105 pesos ($28).

in the evening my roommate and i (and my new cute dress) met up with some of my friends at a jazz club. the club's atmosphere was beautiful. the band was good too. the atmosphere and my good friends made the night!

money spent
32 pesos shower curtain ($9)
9 pesos inner curtain ($2.50)
34 pesos on two bathroom rugs
105 pesos on a dress with a leather belt ($28)
7 pesos pantyhose to keep my legs warm ($2)
6 pesos for 2 avocados ($1.50)
20 peso entry fee for jazz club ($5.50)
34 pesos for a martini and ($9)


krebiz said...

what a yillabeanian bathroom!
the flamingos look nice.

yillabean said...


i'm glad i went with the flamingos :-)