Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pork flu

the swine flu or as some of my students try to translate it the 'pork flu'. call it what you want, it almost seemed to be old news...until now.

i've noticed more people wearing masks or girls with scarves pulled up around their mouths and noses while still on the subte which is normally warm and packed with people. yesterday, or was it today that the buenos aires government closed schools for one month due to the swine flu. the kids were already set to have a two week winter vacation (normal thing here) but due to the increase in cases, the winter holiday (shut down of schools) will start on monday july 6th and go to august 3rd. 4 weeks instead of the normal 2 weeks.

in the newspaper today it was reported that there was 'talk' of closing theaters, malls, discos and clubs. but this hasn't happened.

when i arrived home this evening after teaching my boss called me. she told me she had some news for me. she said it wasn't all bad. her news was, the company where i have majority of my students (around 20 students) has decided to stop all training courses for one month due to the swine flu. i guess they believe the less people coming in and out of the office the better? my boss told me that i won't be working until further notice. she said i'll still get paid, but i'll have to make up the time once classes resume.

this leaves me confused. is it really that bad? probably would be my guess since it's rumored the the argentine government skews statistics. maybe there are more cases than they let on?

since i now have nothing to do and it's winter i thought i could maybe come home early so i looked into changing my flight. unfortunately it would cost $200 (booo) and united airlines doesn't have any wavers yet due to the recently declared health emergency in argentina.

here's what i've been reading:

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