Wednesday, June 24, 2009

welcome to 1940

yesterday i was late to my afternoon class because i was arguing with my landlord.

i think i've become a little argentine because i can now have a heated argument and have a little fun at it too.

so, the argument started when i made the comment that flirting goes far in this country. he said, "oh, like it doesn't go far in the u.s.". sure, flirting helps in the states, but it's nothing like here. i actually feel like i have to flirt if i want something to get done (not that i mind). 'work smarter not harder' right?

then the conversation went to women's rights in argentina vs. the u.s.. my opinion being that women have way way way more opportunities and rights in the states compared to argentina.

my opinion stems from working in the corporate world in the u.s. and now working in several corporations in argentina. in the u.s. i saw many women in high level jobs. i haven't seen any women at the director level here.

in argentina, in a job announcement, it is ok to put that you are looking for a woman between the ages of 20-30. this is a huge no-no in the states.

so, my landlord's rebuttal was women should not be in high level positions because of their period. yes, because once a month (in his opinion) women can not make rational decisions because their hormones get in the way.

i think at this point i had steam coming out of my ears. periods??? this was the argument??? what era is this??? i told him he had a very outdated, old fashion way of thinking.

he said that he would not hire a woman over a man because statistically women miss more days of work than men and a woman between the ages of 20-30 is more likely to have a baby and cost the company more money.

i'm living in the 1940's.

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krebiz said...

gosh, and here i am about to finish a MS degree and everything! and i'm still holding down my job- amazing. What a nut that guy is.
But don't worry. You can move to BA and thrive, but here, he couldn't do the same.

Nancy said...

what? that's freaking nuts.