Tuesday, July 28, 2009

back in b.a. II

I just woke up from a very deep sleep. 36 hours of traveling took it's toll.

My last American meal was at Chili's in the Miami airport. I had the southwest quesadilla salad. The Miami airport was not put together well. Once you are inside the secure area there are NO information booths and there isn't free wi-fi either. I had my connection there so I was dropped off in the G terminal and after walking around there for a bit I realized I had to leave the secure area to walk to the E terminal and go through security again.

The flight coming back was full and uneventful (good thing).

When I landed back in B.A. I think I was the 5th person in line at immigrations. My passport was stamped without any questions or hesitations. Just like when I arrived 8 months ago, when I stepped up to the baggage carousel both my bags were there. But this time I had to put them all through the scanner at customs. The man asked if I lived in B.A. and I told him I'm visiting. He didn't ask any other questions.

Once out of the secure area strange men without uniforms started to approach me and ask if I needed a taxi. I didn't, I arranged one before I left B.A., so I gave him a call. He was just outside the airport waiting for me in the 44 degree weather.

It feels good to be back. It feels normal, like I never left.


Sandra said...

Hi Jill!
Welcome back! You have been missed.
I hope you enjoy your time back in BA as much as you can. Think how lucky you are that you have choices. Only time will tell where your place in the world is.

yillabean said...

Thank you!

I agree that I am so lucky to have choices.

You know, it was difficult to leave the U.S., but now that I'm back in B.A.... it feels good to be back.

Nancy said...

Wow! 36 hours? You must be exhausted!

yillabean said...

36 hours of travel, but i was lucky to have a friend to stay with in philly! so i had a good nights sleep during that time.

i was dropped of at the airport at 6:30pm Sunday and I arrived 6:30am on Tuesday (5:30am New York time) and then I arrived one hour later to my apartment.

it was a long travel for sure, but I didn't have any students to rush back to since most classes were canceled due to the swine flu. so, it all worked out.