Sunday, July 12, 2009

i heart b.a. cafes and chocolate

one thing i love about the weekends is going to my cafe and studying. i love my cafe because it's close, i like the waiters, it's a perfect location to people watch, the cups of coffee are big and the medialunas melt in my mouth.

i walk into the cafe with the full intention to do verb drills instead i always get side tracked by the newspaper. i love reading the newspaper (english or spanish). here there is only spanish, which is a good thing for me.

i can finally...FINALLY feel like i can read. i can't read word for word, but i can read enough to be able to understand the article.

today was the first time that i saw children trying to sell little packs of tissues in my cafe. this type of thing is common place on the subway and around palermo during the summer. the children, two of them, strolled in and went quickly table to table showing a purse size pack of tissues asking for money. the waiters never ask them to go away, which i think they would do in the u.s.? i've learned to simply say no and look away. if you maintain eye contact with them they will keep asking and not go away. it's sad, but i really don't need any tissues.

after the cafe i started to make last minute dinner party plans. at first there were 2 definites (me being one of the two) and then for dinner we were 5 total. we had some wine with dinner and and after we ate chocolate, played 'apples to apples' and then ordered a kilo of ice cream (1/2 lbs) because the chocolate wasn't enough.

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Nancy said...

I love apples to apples!