Tuesday, July 28, 2009

photos: home

(photo below: my first sight of philladelphia in 8 months. thank you moira and nick for picking me up!)
(photo below: what i've been craving for 8 months! crispy chicken asian salad with a hoegarrden)(photo below: my gnome is doing well...)
(photo below: "down the shore"..philly speak for "at the beach")
(photo below: at the beach)
(photo below: my toes getting some sunlight and sand)
(photo below: driving home from the beach)
(photo below: i was lucky to be the first person to take my niece in the pool this summer)
(photo below: my favorite park in Philadelphia. look how green it is!)
(photo below: walking with danielle and moira (who is taking the photo))

(photo below: i needed to buy new luggage. just making sure my niece can fit.)
(photo below: doing some grocery shopping with my niece.)
(photo below: my pink flamingo is well cared for too)
(photo below: one of my Favorite things to do in the summer...pick fresh raspberries from the back yard)
(photo below: raspberries raspberries raspberries)

i don't think i ate nearly enough food while i was home, but i sure did try. my first week was spent with my close friends and my 2nd week i spent at home with my family relaxing.


GEOFS said...

welcome back

yillabean said...

thank you!

krebiz said...

Job update?

yillabean said...

i have the interview today. i'll let you know tonight!

fingers crossed!

Nancy said...

Your neice is so cute! Looks like a great, relaxing trip. Yummy raspberries. Glad to see your gnome is doing well in his new home. He looks nice among the petunias!