Friday, July 3, 2009

el cantante del paraguas

after i taught this morning i came home to prepare for a new private student next week. it's a nice day out so i opened the balcony door. a while later, while sitting in my bedroom i heard a guy yelling / singing.

'eh, it's the city', so i didn't give it much thought.

since he kept it up, i went out onto my balcony to see what he was yelling/singing about. it was warm, especially in the sun. so, after looking over the railing, through the trees that still have their dead leaves, i could see a man carrying an open umbrella. yelling loudly 'ahhhhhhhhh, paraguas. muy bueno paraguas!' (umbrellas. very good umbrellas)

this would be normal behavior if he were in the centro or along one of the busy streets, but my street is quiet and it doesn't have any businesses on it (at least on my block). he hung around for a while too. when my spanish teacher arrived she called him 'el cantante' (the singer).

i think he'd have better luck selling face masks and sanitizer these days.

(photo below: dead leaves still on the trees, but flowers still blooming)
(photo below: dead leaves still on the trees, but the plants are still green)
(photo below: umbrella sales on a sunny day on a quiet street)

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