Thursday, July 2, 2009

change of schedule

since i no longer teach majority of my students, due to the swine flu, i slept in today until 1pm. it was nice, but i felt very lazy doing so.

if i would have had work, i would have taught 6 students, but instead i just taught 2 private students today.

the private universities in b.a. have also closed for a month, some cultural centers / community activity centers have also closed (my roommate works at one of them). more people are wearing the face masks on the subte, but i really think they should read more about how to use them or how they work. 3 or 4 ladies were holding them over their mouths and one's hand was touching her nose. i would think your dirty subte hands touching your face would be more of a danger than breathing in subte air?

i called united and expedia again to see if i could move my flight time up due to the swine flu, but i didn't get anywhere. i have a travel agent looking into it, but i think i'll just have to sit tight for a week and a half until my scheduled flight leaves.

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