Monday, July 27, 2009

sooner rather than later

with my divided love and appreciation for both buenos aires and the states, it is much easier slipping back into b.a. life knowing that there is a possible new job waiting for me. (fingers crossed) i enjoy teaching, but i'm ready to move into something more stable and within my field.....sooner rather than later.

december would have been the point where i was anticipating a switch of jobs. december is the start of summer; many english students will start canceling classes for summer vacations.

i don't mind leaving teaching early than december for a better opportunity...i'm also eager to say 'chau' to my boss...sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

So, where are you?

krebiz said...

I so hope you get this job!

If you do, you'll be a bit settled, and you'll be solvent, so that if/when you decide to move on from BA, it won't be for financial reasons.

And, of course, how good would your resume look with international experience in the field??

yillabean said...

yes yes yes. :-)

i should know more tomorrow. if i get the job it will be good on so many fronts. #1. in my field #2. more money and more stable work #3. i'll get to work with a good friend #4. it will be interesting and challenging and #5. it will look good on the resume.

i'm sure i missed many other benefits about making a job switch.

good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts.