Monday, July 6, 2009


i spent the afternoon of the fourth of july with an argentine friend. since i was so fascinated by the recoleta cemetery, he suggested we go to the 'charcarita cemetery '. famous people are also buried here, but generally it is the resting place of regular people.

it was huge huge huge. as we were leaving we read a sign that said it was 95 hectares...which would be 234 acres. it's big, but i can't imagine that big...but maybe it is?

(photo below: the entrance to the cemetery)
(photo below: the entrance to the cemetery)
(photo below: saint lujan)
(photo below: unlike recoleta cemetery, you are able to drive a car between the mausoleums)
(photo below: as we passed the mausoleums, there was nothing, just a stretch of grass. we walked more and came to a railing. over the railing we looked down into this court yard. there are rows and rows of drawers with the remains of loved ones. it was massive and all under ground )
(photo below: each square is a plot)
(photo below: underground)
(photo below: stairs to go up to the ground level)
(photo below: the wall that lines the cemetery also is a resting place. it was 6 high and i have no idea how long.)
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