Friday, October 10, 2008

43 days

First thing this morning I called VW credit. I generally pay more each month on my car payment so I wanted to asked until when was I paid up until. November 28th. Yee-haw! So I logged into my bank account and I canceled my automatic car payments! I also inquired how I would go about selling my car privately. I don't own it (VW credit owns it). I didn't get an answer though, the woman I spoke with had no clue.. I'll need to call back later to get an answer from another rep. I owe money on the car, but know that I'm able to get more if I sell it privately. (it's on my to-do list to call back) Persistence has always paid off for me.

Banking Accounts:
I set up my Charles Schwab account this afternoon. Charles Schwab doesn't pass on extra atm fees to their account holders. Normally, banks pass on atm fees, transfer fees and foreign conversion fees. Sometimes these fees can be as much as $8 and as little as $3 every time you hit up the atm. Charles Schwab eats those fees. So, I transferred some funds into this new account and now I'm just waiting for the card to arrive in the mail.

More Contract work??
So, I just found out today that my employer has certified contractors. For instance, if someone is laid off, they may ask them to go on a contract basis. Therefore, my company just pays for the work done, but no benefits or extras. hummmmmmmm. My boss and I get along very well. I may just have a chance of contracting for my employer once I leave! Also, if I could be certified as a contractor from my current company (filling out paperwork from what I understand) than I can let my other colleagues, that are in other departments, know that I'm available for overflow projects. My fingers are crossed! This would be perfect for me!!!

So far I have 5 of my belongings posted on craigslist for sale. Only one sold so far. No sweat. I still have 43 days.

At what point? At what point do I start packing and purging? At what point do I start giving my stuff to friends? At what point do I put my car for sale (I want to drive it until Nov. 18th or 20th). Is this too soon? 3 weeks out? 2 weeks out?

The plan so far (U.S.):
This coming Monday the 13th I'll give my manager 5 weeks notice. Friday the 24th I'll work from my managers office and then head home to my family's house for the weekend. I can put some things in my car to take home. My plan is to clean up my old bedroom; do some organizing. Also, I'll see what kind of luggage we have in the attic. Two large rolling suitcases? I'm hoping! I'll also carry a backpack with both my laptops (old man Jisseppii and my new Naaman)

The plan so far (B.A.)
I've been in contact with I've arranged for an airport pickup for Sunday November 23rd. I've also requested a host family for 2 weeks and took a spanish placement test. Federico said he'll be in contact with me shortly about an Argentine host family. ~ not sure at what point I should start sending resumes to english language schools in B.A. or when I should start inquiring about rooms for rent?

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