Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 days notice

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."
Amelia Earhart
Contracting with with my current employer
When I spoke with my manager yesterday he said he didn't know how it would work, but he said he'll have a conversation with his manager on Thursday. So I should find out then; if its a possibility. (fingers are crossed)

Spring back Fall ahead?
Right now Argentina is just one hour ahead of New York time. Mid month Argentina will change their clocks for day light savings. The thing is, since it's spring there they still "spring ahead and fall back" with their time. So after we (in the U.S) "fall back" and they "spring ahead" there will be a 3 hour time difference. So, 9am in Argentina and 6am in NYC.

30 days notice
Today I wrote my 30 days notice letter to my landlord. A good (and smart) friend suggested that I have the letter sent by certified mail. My landlord is a bit shady; so I took the recommendation and had the letter certified for $4.10. Once I sent the letter I phoned her. She didn't seem too pleased, but when she asked where I was moving the mention of Argentina seemed to have lightened the news. She laughed just like my boss...maybe it's the laugh of unanticipation (if that's a word). She didn't mention anything about me moving mid-month, but my lease says 30 days, so 30 days are 30 days right? I'm already anticipating what kind of shady business she'll try to pull on me, that's just how she is.

Today I met with a good friend for lunch. We haven't seen each other in some time. It was so good to catch up, we talked non-stop for 2 hours. I worked with her at my previous job; she now does contracting full-time. I got to ask some questions and also ask her to keep her ears open for any contracting work I can pick up come January.

Today I had my last dental appointment. Last time I went in, was for my 6 month check up and cleaning. He noticed then, that there was a chip in one of my teeth. He advised I get it filled because if it would chip more, bacteria could get into the tooth and cause decay. The procedure today to fix the chip was so minor, I didn't even get numb (and I'm a wuss). It only took 10 min and I was out.

Tomorrow will be 30 days until I move out. I need to get packing! But before I do that I'll go salsa dancing tonight!

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