Saturday, October 18, 2008

Packing and Purging

And the Packing and Purging begins.
This is harder than I thought. Not because I'm getting sentimental, but because I don't want to throw anything away. I don't want to add to our landfills (the hippy side of me speaking). I want to sell it, give it or recycle it. I think I'm spending too much time looking for homes for my belongings, but I think, in the long run, I will feel better.

Sentimentally speaking, so far so good.

I'll donate two suits and two nice pairs of heels to a women's shelter in the area. I'm also looking into where I can donate my beautiful black floor length bridesmaid dress I wore for Danielle's wedding. There is an organization near the city that gives the dresses to young girls who don't have money to purchase prom gowns.

I started off my my day by taking a jog in an amazing park. It's only 15 min drive from my apartment. The park looks like it's from a storybook. The morning air was brisk and colorful leaves were falling. I'm not very good at jogging, but today I did pretty well. I think it was the scenery that helped. see more photos

After the jog I headed to the Apple store where I bought Naaman a week ago. Just this week, Apple released a newer version, so I was able to get the price difference returned to my credit card. Yeah for extra money I wasn't accounting for!

Once I got home I tackled my back porch first. I took down all my hanging baskets and pulled the dead herbs out. I dumped the soil in the back yard and set all my plastic pots out on the curb with a free sign. I also had a rubbermaid container that I was using to compost. I dumped the rich leftover compost in the back yard and then set the container out on the curb too. Four hours later and it's all gone! Everything found a new home. Mission "Clean up back porch" accomplished!

Tomorrow someone will come over to buy my patio set.

After the back porch, I started taking things off my bookshelves. I did throw some paper away but I managed to put many things in a piles for friends or to donate. I packed a total of 5 boxes today. I'm on a roll.

grrrr, I'm still having a hard time giving up my college notebooks. Why!!! I haven't looked at them in 4 years and I don't think I ever will. I don't want to keep them, but it would hurt too much to throw them away.  

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