Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to do with the car... solved

I started off my morning by calling VW.  I was lucky this time to get a representative who was knowledgeable.  

To purchase the car, I needed to send a cashiers check; I wasn't able to wire them money like I normally do for my monthly payments. Also, if I included a $15 check they would overnight me the title.  So, I called my bank and had them overnight the payoff amount to VW.  The cashiers check and my $15 check should be at VW tomorrow by noon.  Then I'll need to wait 3-4 days for them to process the title (I guess find it, and sign it over to me).  So by next week I will be the title holder of my car.

Once I receive the title, VW suggested that I go to the DMV and have a new title made up.  The title that VW is sending me will just be signed over to me rather than having my name on the title.  I called a notary public and they said that I didn't need to go to the DMV, the title VW is sending and the letter that will accompany the title is all I need to sell the car.

Car problem solved.  Now I just need to find a buyer.

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