Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Todays to do list...(31 days)

What to do with the VW continued...
I think I'm going to purchase my car from VW finance so that when it comes time to sell it privately, it will be just one trip to the notary.
My family said I can have their car once I sell mine. This helps relieve some stress as to when I can/should sell my car.
I placed my car on craigslist last night. It's priced a little high; If no one bites I'll lower it in 5 days. I also plan on putting signs up at my office (2000 people are in my building)
Student loans
Today I called AES who holds my student loans. I paid this months bill and applied for a deferment for the next 6 months. I plan to continue to pay the loans once I start contract work. I asked AES if I would be penalized for deferring the loans and she said no. I was most worried about losing my incredibly low interest rate that I have on the loan.
Charles Schwab
Still working with them to open an account. Something seems to be wrong with my social security number and the one they have for me.  
Expat Tax Attorney
I believe I need to acquire an international accountant or an expatriot tax attorney. If I'll be residing abroad, but making U.S. dollars, which taxes will I pay? Federal, state, local? Where will I claim to be living? How will I file taxes and to whom?
Power of Attorney
It was suggested to me (twice) that I get a power of attorney that can speak on my behalf should I not be able to get in contact with the U.S. (banking accounts, student loans ect...)  
Ah ha! Free Consultation with a Lawyer
My colleauge just reminded me that our employer has an Employee work/life assistance program. The program grants me 3 free half hour sessions with a lawyer. I contacted them and made an appointment to speak with a lawyer about the above two issues. 

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