Monday, October 20, 2008

What to do with the VW?

What to do with the car? I had a conversation with my VW dealership today. I inquired how I would go about selling the car privately when VW finance is holding a loan and it's title.  
It sounds very complicated; I would get the money from the buyer, send it to VW, VW would send me the title a week later and then I would sign the title over to the buyer. umph. There has to be a better way...
The man I spoke with at VW sounded interested in buying the car so that VW can resell it as a 'pre-loved' vehicle. He'll be calling back with an estimate. I'm planning on not being impressed with their low offer. (he called back and I am not impressed with his offer)
I do have money in my savings to buy the car. I'm considering paying off my car and a week later I'll have the title to it. That way, when I go to sell it privately, it will be a shorter process (couple hours or so at the notary instead of waiting for a week for the title to be mailed to me)
I'll live with my family for my last week in the states. I also plan on working Mon-Thurs that last week from an office that's closer to my family's home. I'd like to keep my car until the end, but maybe that's cutting it too close in the case that a private buyer backs out or something falls through. 

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