Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My coming out

My manager called me this afternoon. He ask that I to go into NetMeeting (screen sharing program). Then he asked me to proof read the message he would email. It was an email he would send to the department about my leaving. He really has a way with words. I was touched. The email he prepared was so kindly written. I told him what I thought and he said, “I know I should work for Hallmark”. We both laughed.

Once the email was sent, my day was a whirlwind. Emails started to flood in (50 people are in my department). All of them were well wishes and some acknowledged they’ve always wanted to do something like this. I was surprised at this. All along I felt like I was justifying to everyone why I wanted to leave a great job, a 401(k), a new car, and the American dream. People really want to do this? Another manager in the department congratulated me and then went on to tell me how badly she wanted to join the Peace Core after college, but her father wouldn’t let her. Others congratulated me on following my dream. I must admit I liked the attention and felt a wave of positive energy. I finally felt like people understood me, I didn’t have to explain why; they just got it…that’s what felt so good. It made me think, why don’t more people follow their dreams? It seemed like my colleagues were most happy for me for doing just that. I think I’m a chicken…maybe I’m not? I’m so thankful for their support and all their positive energy.

Other than my direct co-workers, I shared the news with co-workers who hold the same job title as me (different dept.). All of us went through the same graduate program; but at separate times. They were all just as supportive. We’re doing a happy hour come November.

After work I met with a friend who I worked with at my last employer. Her and I remained in touch over the years. It was great to catch up. I hope I’ll get to see her again before leaving. She’ll soon graduate from my grad program too! (Go Bloom!)

After some drinks tonight…
I tidied up my apartment and then took some photos of’s so charming… I want to remember it just like this. I enjoyed my time here. I like my apartment and mostly the small town in which it lies, but I can feel it’s time to move on.

Everything around me, I feel like I’m letting myself absorb it and trying to savor it. Last weekend I was in my college town and I couldn’t get enough of it. It was more beautiful than I remember. I wasn’t sad leaving it though. I know I’ll be back! I love Bloom!


Nancy said...

Isn't that great to have all those positive affirmations? How can you go wrong following your dreams?

Jenna said...

I love your blog! I'm glad I squeezed in the time to meet you, even if it was way too short. Next time, I'll make more time, promise, instead of telling myself, "I'll have friends when I graduate."

This is SO exciting, and I'm thrilled for you. I'm not surprised that you're getting a lot of encouragement. You're smart and organized, and one of the best planners I know. You always find a way to make things work, so you'll be a smashing success in BA; of that I have no doubt.