Monday, April 13, 2009

cena de pascua (easter dinner)

Saturday April 11, 2009
I arrived home from sailing around 7:45pm. I gave myself only a 15 min nap, because I had to be showered and leave by 8:30pm. On-time (Argentine time) I left my apartment slightly exhausted (if you can say that) and headed out to buy 2 bottles of wine (20 pesos($5.55)). I returned to my building, but went to my last apartment.

My last roommate and her new roommates were cooking a vegetarian Easter dinner (Cena de pascua). They had the table set, candles lit and the food smelled amazing. For the appetizer we had vegetable empanadas that were amazing. For the entree there were mashed potatoes, a sweet potato mash and a mini pumpkin filled with stuffing. To top it off one of the girls made a cheese cake that had apples, nuts and cinnamon on top. yum yum yum. I ate so much my belly hurt for 2 hours afterward.

Around 11:30pm they headed out to a play and I headed out to meet up with some friends. Instead of dealing with a bus I treated myself to a taxi. (12 pesos) I met up with my friends and then we walked to their favorite spot; a gorgeous converted mansion.

We were a group of 4 girls, 3 that live here and one visitor. It was funny how each time we turned our back on the visitor an Argentine guy swooped in to get and got her attention. We kept 'rescuing' her. It made me think how in just 4 months of learning how aggressive Arg guys are, I don't even give guys an opportunity to say hola; my eyes are always looking at the floor. Sure, many probably fall into the 'ojo' (watch out) category, but others may not be so bad. Besides, I should be practicing more Spanish.

2:30am and I couldn't contribute any more conversation, I was pooped. My dueno told me I'd be super tired. He said even though I was just sitting on a sail boat my muscles were constantly working to keep me up right since the boat was always in motion.

So, I walked out of the bar and hopped in a taxi. The taxi driver was super nice. It was the most Spanish I spoke in a long time. We chatted for most of the ride home. When he came to a stop in front of my building he got out, opened my door and offered his hand to help me out of the taxi. How nice!

I don't know who is looking down on me, but I keep running into such sweet, kind, generous people.... I got to go sailing today, I was asked to a fabulous Easter dinner, I had a drink with great friends and the taxi driver treated me like a queen....Well, who ever you are...thank you.

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