Tuesday, April 28, 2009

one year ago: april 28

i remember what i was doing one year ago today.

i don't remember the reason why i asked to work at home, but i did. frequently when i would work at home i would get up a 15 min before my start time, meander into the kitchen and make a real breakfast with coffee or loose leaf tea. i didn't normally, and still don't, make a decent breakfast for myself. I opt for that couple extra min of sleep instead.

so, after making some breakfast and hot tea i sat on my sofa, booted up my work laptop. while waiting, i turned on the tv to see what meridith, ann and matt were doing on the today show. i'm not sure what time it was, but the segment 'where in the world is matt laurer' came on. matt's anchor friends were trying to guess where he was while i was going through the morning emails. once his friends merideth, ann and al guessed where he was and the camera panned back, i was almost fell off my sofa. matt was in buenos aires.

i had such a reaction to this segment because i started throwing around the idea of moving to buenos aires. i liked that they spoke spanish, i was interested in south america, in a big city, the european way of life and so on, but at this point i still didn't decide where i would move.

not that matt laurer being in buenos aires made me choose buenos aires, but it seemed like after this point buenos aires kept popping up, whether it was in the news that i read or people bringing it up, but it seemed like Tina started to hint that she was the one.

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