Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I went to Chascomus this past weekend. Chascomus is a small town 1.5 hours south of capital federal (the city center). The town is next to a lagoon. When I first heard about Chascomus I called it "Chac-a-mouse" (to my ears that's what it sounds like). I spent this weekend there with 5 of my close B.A. friends....

(photo below: what the landscape looks like once you leave capital federal (the city))
(photo below: as soon as we arrived my friends father had an asado (bbq) ready for us!!)
(photo below: there's chicken in there!!! not typcial in an asado, but it was requested for me)(photo below: nothing but goodness!!!)
(photo below: Homemade flan with cream and dulce de leche!)(photo below: pirate VW)
(photo below: home of Alfonsin. (a president of Argentina who recently passed away))

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