Wednesday, April 1, 2009

line jumper

i've been meaning to write about this....

one of the things that sticks out to my 'american eyes' here in b.a. is how pregnant women are treated like queens, and rightfully so.

whenever a pregnant lady steps foot on the bus or subway people automatically stand up and give her the seat. no one looks around to see if someone else is going to give up their seat, it's done without thought. (this is also done for older people too)

tonight i went to buy some groceries. i was getting ready to pay my bill when the cashier told the woman behind me to step aside a prego was behind her. prego stepped to the front of the line.

at the local 'shoe'mbo' (giant supermarket) there are chairs next to the checkout line (in front of the candy) for breast feeding mothers. i guess once you have the baby you can't jump to the front?

breast feeding is done everywhere and anywhere. the bus and subway are common place to see babies being fed, no towel over the kid's head is needed either. the funniest place i saw it was in the park where a family of four were riding one of those 'family for four bicycles' (2 in the front 2 in the back everyone has peddles), the mother was riding shot-gun while breast feeding.

(in my humble opinion i think it's a shame how u.s. mothers either have to go sit in a bathroom stall to feed their child or put a blanket over the kids head as if the child belonged to michael jackson.)


krebiz said...

I agree. Americans are wacked about a lot of things. If a mother wants privacy, that's one thing, but I see b-feeding moms getting ogled like the homeless do when they're acting up.

I am in SUCH a cranky mood today, yillyfoo. How are you?

yillabean said...

word. i'm in a funk today. the weather is starting to change. this morning it rained and brought in cooler weather. i need to find my only hoodie i brought here...

Lynn said...

are there any hot moms b-feeding?

yillabean said...

Lynn, if you want to see some pretty boobs in B.A. all you need to do is stand in front of a magazine stand. They sell plenty of boobie mags that don't have paper bags over them, like in the states, and they don't 'hide' them in back of other mags either.

I guess the boob isn't a big deal below the equator. They really aren't a big deal, but I think in the states we make them more of a big deal...but i could be wrong. Maybe you think they're a big deal?