Sunday, April 5, 2009

good nightmorning

Saturday night...
After shopping I tired to take a nap but couldn't. Around midnight I called a taxi to take me to a friends gathering at a trendy bar in Palermo Hollywood. After the bar we walked to another place. I'm not a big fan of the bar scene but I love spending time with my friends.

I think it's strange that I now find Argentine men's behavior normal. At the second bar a guy ran his hand down my arm (shoulder to elbow). I didn't pay attention so then he gently took my hair in his hand and caressed it. ok, now he had my attention but i wagged my finger at him. i found myself doing this a lot throughout the evening?

I wanted to leave after this bar, but got pulled into going to a dance club at 4am. The taxi let the 5 of us pile into his cab. The club was huge, dark, loud, and extremely crowded (like a subte). Men continued to touch us around the waist, touch our hair, take our hands. Again, it doesn't feel out place, but rather normal. In the states I think these sorts of things would make me angry, but it doesn't here.

6:30am-6:45am came around, so a friend an I left the club; it was just starting to thin out and the sun was just starting to rise. I guess everyone else was also just going home because we had a hard time finding a taxi. We walked to an intersection thinking we'd have more chance to find a cab but it still took some time.

Our taxi driver was wonderful, he was more safety conscientious than me! When we got in his taxi he leaned back to locked our doors. After I got out to leave my friend out I got back in the car and again he leaned back to locked my door.I was really impressed.

By 7am the sun was out and I was pulling my wooden curtains down to block out the sun. With no nap I honestly don't know how I did it. I don't know how I had such a long night. I didn't drink much either, just 2 glasses of wine. I bet it's the Argentine water. It must have some super vitamin that allows you to stay up crazy hours (just making that up, obvio)

It was a good nightmorning.

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