Thursday, April 2, 2009

hola otoño

hola otoño = hello autumn

fall is here. this morning the rain brought in some cool weather. I wore corduroy pants, flip flops and a zippy sweater, but I wish I would have wore more. I guess my body isn't ready for the cold after skipping this winter and having nearly 10 straight months of nice weather.

today was a holiday in argentina. in 1982 argentina tried to get back the malvina islands (falkland islands as the brits call them) that lie just to the east of argentina. they did not succeed and many soldiers died. today was a holiday to remember the fallen soldiers.

instead of an outside picnic, as planned, we had to relocate to a friends apartment (the ground in the park was wet). Afterward I came home and slipped into my comfy college sweatshirt and some pajama pants. then i put some socks on (ik). even though i had a nice day with my friends and laughed a lot... i'm in a funk. i guess everyone has to feel like this every once in a while so that they can appreciate the good times even more.

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Nancy said...

That is so weird that you are entering fall! I was outside working in my garden today. I have lots of flowers blooming... YAY!