Sunday, April 19, 2009

more polo

another argentine night = another day of sleeping in until around noon.

before getting in the shower this morning i checked email. the dueno (landlord) sent me an message. he wants me to start looking for a roommate. he also said the rent will go up to $500 each in july. it's an average rent for the neighborhood i live in, but to be honest the apartment isn't worth it. my room is too tiny to have a desk, there is no tv or radio in the living room or in my room, the kitchen is very tiny, there is no washer /dryer and no terrace (which many apartments have). it's a nice apartment and i like it, but it's just not worth $500 a month. so, i'll talk to him about the price, but i may have to move again in july. ugh.

after a shower and getting ready i went to my favorite cafe to study some more direct and indirect fun. they would be much easier to learn if they went in the same order as english, instead they're all messed up (from my English perspective of course). Here's an example of what i mean: " To her it I owe." (I owe it to her). My favorite waiter wasn't working, so I had to order like the rest of the cafe goers.

Another impromptu polo match day. My neighbor girls called me to see if I wanted to go so I called another friend to go with us too.

We left our apartment around 3:35pm walking and arrived at 4:05pm. Along the way we walked past the U.S. ambassador's residence where there was a protest taking place. Apparently we (the U.S.) has Argentine people in jail? We (us girls) kept our English on the D.L. as we passed.
When we arrived at the field we were hot from walking, so we tried to get into the good seats, which were shaded and but more expensive. (we paid for the bleacher seats). I suggested to the girls that we just give it a try; to see if we could sit with the elite. There were 5 of us girls total. I told them all to smile big. I walked up to the male ticket checker, smiled and with full English said "Hi"! I made no attempt at Spanish and then I looked so sad when he turned us away. But after two "pleases" and 5 sad girl faces, he turned his head and let us into the expensive 'good' seats.

(photo below: poop patrol...somebody's gotta do it)
(photo below: dialog - me: "i want a gaucho hat." friend: "i want a gaucho") (the gaucho is the argentine cowboy)

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