Sunday, April 19, 2009

this is unacceptable

tonight i called my boss to ask if she confirmed a class time with a new monday student. she said she hasn't gotten a hold of him yet. before hanging up i asked when i will be paid the rest of my march salary. (we're in the 4th week of april now). she said "sometime" this week.

i told her again, in a stern voice, that "i need to be paid." and "this isn't acceptable." she said yes and then we hung up.

less than 2 min later she called me back in a tizzy. she began hysterically telling me that i am right and that she apologizes and that this won't happen again (she said that last month and it did happen again, which is our present situation). then she began to tell me that other teachers haven't been paid yet and that she hasn't been paid by the companies we work for and that her account is in the red. then she told me that she doesn't appreciate how i spoke to her. (i did not yell or scream or even raise my voice. i just said "this isn't acceptable")

i let her continue with her rapid explanation and then asked if I could speak. she kept speaking and then speaking over me after i found a pause. i continued to let her go on and on because she was clearly upset with what i said. finally she let me have 30 seconds to say that "I know English teachers are taken advantage of because they are foreigners and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of."

end result: she said she would pay me the remainder of my march salary "tomorrow".

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