Saturday, July 4, 2009

amerika on the 4th

i spent my first five hours of our fourth of july holiday in 'amerika'. (the gay club in b.a.)

what a night. as always i love going there for the source of entertainment. at times it can be a little visually over stimulating. the music is good and only 50% of the men there are grabby because the other aren't interested in females.

i couldn't stop watching one man. he was dancing on a platform sporting long hair but with a receding hair line, a little summer dress with his masculine defined shoulders and arms while wearing grandma pumps. his dancing style looked like a grandma trying to be sexy. awkward yet i couldn't stop watching.

when i was in the bathroom washing my hands a tranny approached me with a comb. i thought she wanted to comb my hair so i told her no, but she was asking me to comb her hair. i thought about it. sure, why not help her out....wait....this is too weird. when i left the bathroom my friends told me she asked them to comb her hair too. was that a tranny pick up?

(photo above: the people in B.A. who aren't scared of the swine flu)


Nancy said...

Looks fun! I miss my clubbin' days!

krebiz said...


combing others' hair is skeevy.