Wednesday, July 29, 2009

back in the swing of things...

It feels like I never left. It feels normal to be back and it felt so good to sleep in my bed again, even though I was cold.

I went to bed last night early (11pm) and work up at 9:30am. 10 1/2 hours of full deep sleep was wonderful... but..... so was waking up without an alarm clock and opening my eyes to summer in the states (*sigh*).

I taught from 11-12 and then met my boss at a coffee shop to be paid. this month it wasn't the normal "trying to get paid for the past months work" struggle. i texted her on Tuesday and she responded right away. We met in a coffee shop, she handed me the money and then quickly left. She gave me the exact amount too. She told me that I'll be resuming my suspended classes (due to the swine flu) next week.

On my walk home I stopped in at my landlord's apartment to give him the rest of my July rent. I also made him aware of some minor problems in the apartment. Things that if they are not fixed now, will be more of a headache to fix in the future.

In the late afternoon I went on a job interview. The prospect sounds positive, but I wasn't offered the job. I should know more by next week. I was asked to give an expected salary. This baffles me. I have no idea where to start. What is too high and what is too low? I know what I should expect in the states, but things are very different here. My expenses are much much lower in B.A. so should I expect much much lower? Should I be paid comparable to an Argentine? But that wouldn't be fair since as a foreigner I have to pay foreigner rent and do the expat shuffle every 3 months. Should my skills combined with my English demand more? What is too much? I'm at a loss.

On this same subject I wanted to go back and review ruffly what I spend in a month. So in the future, I'm going to try harder to keep track of what things cost.

money spent
80 peso cab ride home from the airport
20 peso tip (a little high but, the taxista is trustworthy and i feel that should be rewarded)
34 pesos at the grocery store
134 pesos / $35 usd

2.20 pesos round trip subway
8 pesos coffee and medialunas (while i taught)
8 pesos coffee (while i waited to meet my boss for money)
3 pesos for 2 chocolate croissants
21 pesos / $5.50 usd

(current exchange rate is 3.8 pesos to $1 usd)


krebiz said...

I missed your IMs 'til late as I was getting ready for class.

I don't know if Argentina is the same as the US in that if they ask for a salary range it's a good sign.

In any case, they seem really interested, having rescheduled you immediately. I hope it's good news.

yillabean said...

it's a good sign if they ask for the salary range? i didn't know that? why is it a good sign?

my last job had their salary range printed in the job requirements and it was so comforting. me pulling a salary out of no where is scary. what if i go to high? i don't know where to look for answers. i tried to google the answer but the info is so skewed due to inflation.

krebiz said...

In the US, it's supposed to be a sign of strong interest if, in the interview, they start discussing salary. At least, that's what the website and books say, but who really knows.

In your shoes, like you, I would have NO clue what to say. I'd probably just go with the honest route and say "[This] was my salary in the US, and I would like the comparable Argentine salary, but I am unsure how to calculate that." Or whatever.

But yeah, it's nice when they just print the range right in the description of the position- then you can just ask for the top, and negotiate your way to the middle.