Saturday, July 25, 2009

every moment

tomorrow is my last full day in the states

i'm trying to savor every moment; really taking in the feeling, the smells, the surroundings. i feel like i didn't take enough photos while home. it's strange to take photos of something i've seen either every day growing up or when ever i wanted to. maybe tomorrow i'll go on a photo shoot of home?

this afternoon i went to meet my former boss and former co-worker for lunch. before meeting them i walked around Target for an hour. i walked into Target happy, then quickly became stressed out. i felt the need to buy everything because in 2 days i can't simply go back and buy something. racing through my mind were thoughts like "oh it's cheap i should buy it, but i don't need it, but maybe i will need it, what do i need, i didn't make a list of what i need, all this is in front of me i should buy it". it turns out i did very well controlling my Target overload. i rationalized with myself and only bought what i really needed. i'm not an impulse shopper, but knowing i can't buy it a couple days from now, i felt the needed to buy everything.


David Carlisle said...

Could you give examples of what you are buying in the United States to bring back? I'm moving down to Buenos Aires soon, and would love to know the types of things I should bring that either aren't available, or are very expensive.

Thanks, love your blog.

yillabean said...

i bought many packs of gum, my favorite chocolate, shoes, jeans and tank tops.

tomorrow i'll do one more run to the grocery store for some last minute items...

i find it difficult to shop for clothing in b.a. because of sizes, i'm not familiar with stores, quality of cloth and finding it all within my price range. for me, it's so much easier to walk into my favorite store in the u.s., so that's what i stocked up, american eagle, aldo and h&m

other suggestions for you would be thai peanut sauce, brownie mix, cake mix and peanut butter.

krebiz said...

Yes, don't forget the Thai peanut sauce when packing essentials! I have a recipe for a really good Thai-style-ish peanut sauce. I'll try to dig it up. The ingredients are basic, I bet you could make it in BA.

Hope you have a safe trip, Yilly. It was good seeing you.