Thursday, July 9, 2009

happy birthday tina

today is independence day in in argentina, but it's not anything like the u.s.

yesterday i should have taught 6 students and a group of teenagers, but since all 6 of the students are in the same office that canceled english classes due to the swine flu and the teenagers are also off of school due to the swine flu...i didn't work yesterday.

in the afternoon i met up with a friend for lunch and afterward walked around the palermo soho area. when i first arrived i would always just stroll through neighborhoods admiring the architecture and the grafiti art; yesterday i realized that i haven't done this in a while and i should do it more often.
in the evening i went to the jazz club; the same one that i went to a couple weeks ago. i really love that place. last night they had a female singer and her band was really good. the music, atmosphere and company was wonderful.
after the jazz club we walked around the neighborhood looking for another place to 'take something' (tomar algo = take something = have something to drink) but all the bars were midnight! first, it's strange for bars to close at midnight here, second, the next day is a holiday and no one has to work. why aren't people going out?

today the independance day celebrations are non existent. there aren't any parades, fireworks, parties, bbqs, and there aren't any more flags flying than on the average day.

nobody celebrates tina's birthday.


krebiz said...

well, crikey. I'm not the type to burst out in a Lee Greenwood song or anything, but the fireworks were still fun! We bbq'ed too. Sending some mental bbq'ed shrimp your way.

yillabean said...

yummm,bbq shrimp sounds so so nice right now. yumm-mee