Monday, July 6, 2009

home pronto

ahhh, in one week i'll be on a plane to the u.s.. i'm so happy, but at the same time i think it's such a large sum of money that i shouldn't spend when i don't have a real income. nevertheless i'm looking forward to so so so much. i need to call home soon and put in my order for my first meal. my request will be: hoegarrden beer, tofu hot dogs, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, pretzels and a kit kat. (writing this makes me want to squeel)

this past weekend's theme carried over into today. the theme was 'no sleep'. i've really fallen into the argentine lifestyle where sleep is secondary to everything else.

friday night i went out with friends and left the club at 5am (normal here...really). i woke up at 12 to have a chat with my swedish friend over skype (6.5 hours sleep, or around that).

in the evening i went out on a date. it was a real date with a real argentine. he's not from b.a. so maybe that is why he doesn't have grabby hands. we went out for drinks and he walked me home afterward. he was a gentleman and renewed my faith in the argentine men.

drinks ended at 4am. when he walked me home the streets were full of people. it seemed like 8pm at night...not 4am in the morning.

sunday was a lazy day; a late breakfast, cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping and planning for a week of teaching.

monday (today) i paid for such long nights with no sleep. it was difficult for me to focus in class. i'm trying to extend my one hour classes to 1.5 hours since i'll be leaving for two weeks. so, this morning i had three 1.5 hour classes. each one felt so long.

i had my spanish class in the afternoon (side note, i feel like i can actually speak and feel comfortable doing so, which is amazing to me) then had a private student and a new private student who can't speak any english. (yikes)

tonight the neighbor girls came up for dinner. there were 5 of us total. i cooked my favorite swedish dish "flygande jakob". it has crazy ingredients that you can't tell your guest about until they've eaten it and rave about it. (the same thing happened to me when camilla made if for me in sweden. i loved loved loved it and then she told me what was in's still my favorite dish of all time! (tusen tack camilla))

it was so nice to spend the night having dinner, chatting and laughing, just the 5 of us girls. these nights are so special.


krebiz said...

oooh, a date! that's exciting.
imagine how messed up you'll be here, with the time difference.

the cemetery was amazing in your pics- reminds me of New Orleans cemeteries, only much, much bigger.

yillabean said...

the date really renewed my faith in argentine guys.

there won't be a time difference when i return, well, just one hour, but it will feel like i'll be returning to the 21st century again where i am equal with men and the men won't act like cave men. no no, there is no chip on my shoulder...really!