Monday, July 20, 2009


i've been home for a week now. overall it feels really really good to be home.

when i first landed in the states it was weird to hear so much english or maybe it was weird to be able to understand so many conversations going on around me.

before ordering my first meal i began to think how i would formulate the sentence, but quickly realized i can, and should order in english. how strange. i didn't realize how much i preplan what i'm going to say in spanish. so, in english i ordered two chicken tacos with chips and salsa. let me tell was good good good! the chips and the salsa were amazing and there was cheese and lettuce on the taco (this was at the airport too, while i waited for my connection).

the weather is amazing amazing amazing. since landing i've worn a summer dress every day. i think i've also commented every day on how beautiful all the thick old tall trees are. they're so green and so lush. i didn't realize how much i missed this.

eats. i'm not holding back. anything i want to eat....oh...i eat! dunkin donuts boston cream donuts, their coffee, smart dogs (tofu hot dogs), macaroni salad, corn on the cob, chicken cheese steak, pizza (good american pizza...sorry b.a. it's just no the same), pretzels, kit kat, bbq potato chips....i could go on.

so, starting this post i wrote 'overall' it feels really good to be back. there is a small and growing piece of me that wants to move back to the u.s.. (it feels strange for me to write this). moving back would be so easy and it would feel so safe. i really miss my family, my friends, the trees and i have a new appreciation for the american way of appreciation i did not have before the move.

no decisions were made. i don't have a date in mind when and if i will move back. should i move back i want my heart to be 100% into the idea...just like my heart was 100% into moving to b.a..... and i don't have one regret doing it.


Nancy said...

So glad you are enjoying your visit home! You'll know when the time is right to move.

Anonymous said...

We guessed this would happen. When you get back, let's go out for dinner so you can tell us everything.

krebiz said...

the whole food thing cracks me up. i laughed about it on the train home from seeing you too. "Dunkin Donuts." You're too much.