Sunday, July 12, 2009

lazy sunday

this morning i went out to try and buy one last gift for someone at home, but the store i wanted to go to was closed. since it was a beautiful day (i took off my coat and just had on boots, jeans and a sweater), i walked around palermo soho. it reminded me of the summer. so many people were sitting outside enjoying the blue skies and the crisp fall like weather. it actually surprised me to see so many people because these last 2 months no one sits outside.
i thought i would go to a new cafe in the palermo soho area, but i decided to walk back towards my apartment and go to my favorite cafe for my coffee and medialunas...and newspaper.

i've decided not to use my taxi driver that i normally use. when i told an american friend of mine that he asked to borrow money from a friend and myself, she said i should be cautious. last night i asked my argentine friend what she though and she agreed i shouldn't use him. it makes me sad. i really like the guy, but if two people who know b.a. better than me tell me not to, i'll go with their judgment.

an older student of mine offered to take me to the airport tomorrow. he said he drives past it on the way home, so i called him to take him up on his offer.

well, tonight is my last night in B.A. for 2 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at home, Yill. And give us a call as soon as you get back to your other home.

Adrian said...

Have fun!

Do come back though, I really enjoy your blog.