Monday, July 27, 2009

still in philly

Sunday 8pm

i'm flying united back to b.a. i was flying on a ticket without a return flight. when i tried to do the self check-in i couldn't process my request because i didn't have a return flight. an attendant had to put the request through. she asked me where i would continue onto and how long i would stay in b.a.. I told her one month in b.a. and i would continue onto Uruguay. She asked if I had an onward ticket and I told her I was taking a boat from Buenos Aires to Colonia Uruguay. that was a good-enough answer for her to process the ticket without further questioning.

at first my flight was delayed by an hour. i took the extra time to enjoy a beer and some hot wings. when i finished up, i headed back to my gate only to find the flight was canceled. i wasn't too worried but when i was told that there were no more flights for the night AND they would not put me up in a hotel i started to freak out a bit...ok, more than a bit.

what do it do now? who can i call? where will i sleep... (united airlines was no help at all, not even sympathetic.)

i'm so so lucky to have good friends here in the u.s. and in b.a. i was also lucky that my good friend answered her phone and graciously offered me a place to sleep. so, i went back downstairs in the airport where i checked-in, i picked up my bags and then hopped a train. when i stepped off the train she was waiting for me. (big sigh of relief). we walked back to her apartment. the night was humid and the city felt different from how i left it. it felt new to me. i'm so lucky and very appreciative to have good friends. thanks jenna, you're a life saver!

monday morning

this morning i'm sitting at a charming cafe, the windows are all open looking out onto the sidewalk. the air is humid (which i love). i'm sitting here with mixed emotions. i really like being in the u.s.. i could see myself moving back, but i'm not ready to leave b.a. just yet.

(photo below: cafe latte & chocolate croissant)
(photo below: windows open. enjoying the warm morning air)
(photo below: bean exchange coffee house in philly)
(* thank you jenna matt and greg for looking out for me)


krebiz said...

I can see my corner bar in the one pic!

You're such a trip- to listen to your effusions of gratitude, one would think I pulled you from a burning building. Not that I mind, of course, hehe. You are about the easiest guest, ever. A tepid beverage, a towel and some running water and you were set. Feel free to get stranded at my local airport any time.

(Aren't they really nice in that cafe?)

yillabean said...

i love your corner bar! how charming and quaint! the owner sat down with me for an hour to chat about philly and b.a.. he's super nice!

you really were a life saver. i really freaked out when i didn't know what to do in philly at 9 at night at the airport. thank you again. i'm glad i wasn't a bother. it was fun to see you again before leaving!