Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11 pesos of happiness

there is no doubt that i love argentine ice cream. for how much i complain about the food here, ice cream kinda makes up for it (kinda). on the days where i have no appetite and i don't eat three meals a day, i let myself substitute a meal with ice cream. (at least i get some calories)

what adds to my 11:30pm - midnightish experience is that the heladeria staff knows me and happily greets me when i walk in the door (i love the small town feel of my neighborhood). it's like cheers but in an ice cream parlor kind of way.

being honest, now that it's summer time again, i'm there 4-5 times a week. i love the stuff. especially at the midnight hour (pre-bedtime).

i will surely miss searching for 11 pesos, running out the door, hair a mess, just made it in the heladeria and the big smiles that await me midnight ice cream dash...then the slow enjoyment of 250 grams of heaven.


Charlsi said...

hmmm....that looks familiar! thanks for the great dinner (y postre!)

yillabean said...

our dinner was amazing. yum yum!
i can't believe i never had dinner on my balcony. what is wrong with me?

thanks for the suggestion!

Amy said...

mmmmm i want some helado now!!! i definitely do the ice-cream-as-meal-substitute thing too...probably too much actually, given the recent pant-size increase. i don't even want to know how many calories are in the 12 peso vasito of chocolate amargo y dulce de leche con brownie that i usually get. ignorance is bliss, right?