Monday, December 14, 2009

food fight II

and so my fight continues with food, even if i anticipate the punches i'm still left bruised from the battle.

last night i planned to purchase items to make a simple sandwich with healthy bread. ( i should know better. healthy food = hard to find food. )

#1. frustration: cheese shop
goat cheese isn't common, so i thought i'd stop in a cheese shop because it makes sense that they would have goat cheese, being that their whole business is based on cheese. this was a logical thought, but this is not a land of logic; my mistake #1.

yes they had goat cheese but when i asked the price on one, the cheeser (cheese worker) removed the cheese from the case and smelled it. hmmm, strange i thought, is it good? he told me the price and asked if i wanted it. i asked him to taste a small piece. he smelled it again and said it wasn't good.... what! seriously? he was going to sell it to me even though he knew it was bad? THIS is his business!!! why would he sell me funky cheese!

#2. frustration: bakery
i stopped at a bakery where i know they have whole wheat bread. their b.s. slogan on their website says something to the effect of "returning to nature". they didn't have whole wheat. so i asked for multi-grain bread, nope. so i asked for a healthy bread. at this point the baker chick was annoyed by my silly yankee healthy requests.... there were plenty of sugary breads for sale.

#3. frustration: "is it healthy?"
this past weekend i ate at "natural deli" with a friend. on the menu they listed their 'natural' drinks. we decided on a blueberry and peach juice to share. when the waitress appeared at our table i asked if the juice was natural. she confidently said yes. when she returned with the juice she promptly opened it and poured it into our glasses. as she walked away i picked up the bottle, read the ingredients; one of which was high fructose corn syrup. (this is not natural or healthy)

what i get so mad and frustrated with is that this failure is a reoccurring theme. even when i try to plan and be strategic, knowing how the city works i still loose the food fight.


Nancy said...

What the heck? Boo for funky cheese and sugar bread! Soon you will be able to have the foods you want.

krebiz said...

Yillyfoo, when you get back to the US, I am cooking you a HUGE, hearty, high fiber, low fat, no sugar, tasty meal.

yillabean said...

Jenna, I will hold you to that!!!

When I finish, you'll have to roll me out of your home!