Saturday, December 5, 2009

giddy up!

i went horseback riding once before in b.a., but i didn't write about it though. during that time i was going through a ruff period with work and the life that surrounded work. but that ride, 2 months ago, i'll never forget.

2 months ago i couldn't stop thinking about my work situation and my life here. that day that i went horseback riding bad thoughts clouded my thinking, it's all i could think about and i couldn't shake it. i felt like i couldn't do anything right and everything was falling apart. the owner of the horses and the group leader encouraged me to gallop. i would try and then quickly say no; it just wasn't working. he was kind and patient and kept encouraging me. i was at a point where i wanted to turn around; i just couldn't do it and my already bad mindset was getting the best of me.......then, all of a sudden, i was galloping, with complete ease. that moment that i was galloping i didn't hear anything else, i just felt the movement, all my negative thoughts were gone and i was able to just focus on the moment. what an amazing feeling, what an amazing mental health instant recovery.


this weekend i woke up early to go horseback riding again. i needed it just one more time before leaving argentina. (that natural high, the same natural high i feel from salsa too) the experience is like no other (ok, maybe it's like salsa). it's easily the best 180 pesos i can spend. both exercise and rushes of positive energy.

we took the 129Plaza bus from Once. it was a 40 min rainy ride. unfortunately the rain never let up. at the farm we sat in a gazebo drinking coffee, chatting while waiting, then we all decided just to go. at first i was hesitant, not sure if i was going to be miserable riding in the chilly rain. we were given hats (safety helmets with a brim (and waterproof too) and we were also given ponchos. once we were up on the horses and moving the rain didn't bother me at all! at times it felt nice, especially when galloping.

this was probably my last time riding in argentina. in a way it feels like my last salsa in the states before leaving. the day was perfect, everything about it, i even enjoyed the rainy day. what a wonderful amazing memory i'll always have.


Nancy said...

That is great that you found a way to help clear your mind. Its weird to hear you say it will be your last time riding in Argentina. The time has gone so fast. I can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

yillabean said...

yeah, the year did go rather quickly didn't it? just like noah growing up...eeek, too quickly.

indeed salsa and horseback riding are wonderful therapy. add cross country skiing in there too!

Melanie said...

Now you know why I have horses! You have to be 'present' or they will know and take advantage!
They are such wonderful creatures. I'm glad you had a good experience. On to the next stop to explore their horses, I say! Have a good time!

yillabean said...

Melanie, will you take me horseback riding when i come home??? please please. i'm addicted now!

Michele Harvey said...

I love horseback riding too! Do you need to call ahead to reserve a horse or do you just show up?
Does it really cost only 18 pesos for a one hour ride??


yillabean said...

you need to call ahead or email to make arrangements. it's not 18 pesos it's 180 pesos.