Thursday, December 24, 2009

little boogers

a couple weeks back i was shopping for a backpack for my next adventure. that particular day i was speaking more spanish than usual so i was in a rhythm.

when i entered the camping store i confidently told the salesman that i wanted to see a backpack, he showed me one. it was easy to understand his spanish since all his words correlated to the backpack and his demonstration of the different features.

then he said something like, well since you're going to ecuador you won't need winter clothing so it doesn't need to be that large. i corrected him by saying that i needed pants and "mangas largas para los moquitos" it was my attempt at saying that i needed long sleeves for the mosquitoes. he looked at me, smiled and then touch his nose and repeated "moquitos". i agreed then quickly realized that the word mosquitos without the s means "little boogers".

to recap, i told the salesman i needed long sleeves for the little boogers.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That's funny! Have you tried the citronella bracelets? They really work and you can find them at any of those Pharmacity? (can remember the name, sorry!)Anyway, mosquitos is one of the things we don't look forward to when visiting BA!

yillabean said...

no, i haven't seen the citronella bracelets here, but i also didn't look for them. right now the mosquitoes in BA are really bad. my legs are all bitten up, i look like i have chicken pox. my friend has many on her chest and face...poor her.

i've tried to read a lot online about the "little buggers". i purchased loose fitting light colored clothing. (mosquitoes like dark clothing and they can bite through clothes). i've also read to spray the DEET (mosquito spray) on your cloths and bed linens.

for me, i prefer not to put chemicals on my body, but if push comes to shove, i'll do it!

thanks for your comment!