Sunday, December 13, 2009

photos: a day in the park

(photo above: i love jesus sticker. since jesus is a spanish name, i wonder if the sticker is referring to the big guy upstairs or an argentine jesus?)
(photo above: yellow blooming trees are shedding their blossoms)
as my friend and i entered the park we immediately saw strange people walking around...i mean really strange, but there didn't seem to be any rationale or theme to all their costumes.

the girl above in the eyeball mask and eyeball dress was just strolling around the park. the woman in the table cloth was just sitting on the bench seemingly waiting for below: there was a ninja was drinking mate...
the guy below was practicing martial arts. after his practice he was 'slow motion running around the park' was super funny.
photo below: this guy was dressed up like a buffalo who was charging everyone. he would start out by stomping his feet, preparing to run, then he'd charge straight at you...
photo below: at times the strange people in the park would interact.
i still don't know why, what ever it was, it made me smile and laugh.

just another day in the park in buenos aires.


Anonymous said...

When was this? Sunday? I intended to have a walk in the park Sunday morning, but work intervened and I stayed in. Now I wish I had ventured over there.

By the way, send me by email the bathroom pictures. I am curious about them.

yillabean said...

no, this was on saturday later in the day. by the looks of the photos, can you figure out what it was about?

Anonymous said...

Not really. Probably just kids having fun. Or maybe part of a theatrical group not too subtly advertising their play. Maybe just merry pranksters.

I slept through the rest of Saturday afternoon after leaving you ladies -- too much sun with antibiotics.

But the porno pics you sent did perk me up a little.

yillabean said...

donigan, your comments are a little racy, suggestive and very misleading.

to a person who doesn't know that Guido's restaurant (on Republica de la India) has massive amounts of porn on the public men's bathroom may think that i sent you porn. where as i only took them off my camera to send to you, because i could not enter the men's room myself...and i will admit that i was curious to see what kind of porn a family style restaurant would put on a men's restroom wall, where young children go also.

Anonymous said...

Me racy? Never.