Tuesday, December 8, 2009

photos: Lujan

i made the pilgrimage to argentina's beloved city of Lujan.

st.patrick is to ireland as lujan is to argentina. (so she's the shit.)

(photo above: almost immediately after we stepped off the bus we made our first friend who followed us all the way to the church, stopping when we stopped)
(photo above: a saintly dog made it into the church and was sleeping under a pew)

(photo above: i'm going to just be honest. i knew the real lujan was going to be small but i didn't realize what dark skin she would have. to my defense all the lujan souvenirs statues have white skin.)(photo above: stepping out of the church; many stray dogs were taking their siesta)
(photo above: the main street in lujan. it's a tiny town.)
(photo above: christmas trees for sale)
(photo above: the only graffiti i could find)

(photo above: for all the stray dogs in lujan this pooch has the life)
(photo above: the house numbers in lujan are BLUE! in b.a. they are all white)

(photo above: all the vendors in front of the church.....all sell the SAME thing)

(photo above: lujan hot plate 45 pesos)
(photo above: pick your lujan any lujan)
(photo above: hot dog stand)

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Anonymous said...

You're famous, Yilly. The right wing wacko who dominates BAexpats has voted you as the best blog in town. I agree, but since I have been "banned forever" I am not able to do so. But since you are quitting this blog at the end of the month, at least you can leave with a nice feeling. See you tomorrow.