Tuesday, December 1, 2009

photos: Villa Crespo & Chacarita

today i went on a walk through Villa Crespo and Chacarita. in my opinion both are not tourist neighborhoods. i base my rationale on the number of whistles and odd men behavior i encountered today. on a normal day around my neighborhood i receive 2 to 3 whistles or comments a day. at this point, it's a normal to me. if they didn't catcall me i would question why not. today i received 2-3 catcalls per block. today was a kind of day where i wished i DIDN'T know enough spanish. as i walked past one man he told me my boobs looked delicious. eww.

besides the constant catcalls, i enjoyed my walk and all the graffiti art i found...

(photo above: hey! i think this is a bike line??? well, i'm not the only one who isn't sure; a block down there are a couple cars parked in it. typical, eh?)
(photo above: car for sale, hence the yellow jug on the roof)
(photo above: love this little demon. somedays i feel just like how he looks)(photo above: an old lady was giving her dog some fresh air, allowing him to hang out the window. i stopped to pet him and talk to her. both were so sweet)
(photo above: LLAMA!)
(photo above: this was my favorite of the day)
(photo above: taken in palermo hollywood)(photo above: taken in palermo hollywood)(photo above: i thought he was fake at first...but wasn't. i wonder if he thought the floral table cloth were real flowers)
(photo above: movie shoot in palermo hollywood)


krebiz said...

An Irishesque pub with the same name as a Joyce book. So, what do they serve there? Black pudding empanadas?

Love the graffiti art :)

yillabean said...

thanks! i really liked the graffiti art too! when i'm walking around and spot some, i run to it as if it were a chocolate factory!

Ik! I ate at this pub. I had a ceasar salad that made my stomach upset. the dressing was liquidy, made from some sort of whipped egg and the lettuce was swimming in it. nastiness!