Thursday, December 17, 2009

to know it to love it to savor it...

a little more than a week to take it all in. i have such unusual feelings. i feel sure that i've made the right decision to move on. there is no doubt, but i'm feeling anxious. only normal i tell myself. my heart hurts with each thought of "is this the last time?", then i begin to think "walk slower, take it in", "eat your passion fruit ice cream slower, savor it".

even though these feelings are a bit overwhelming i am happy i get to feel them. some people never leave their comfort zone, they really never know what they have until it's gone; never having had the chance to really know it, love it and to have had a chance to savor it.


Anonymous said...

Yilly, we definitely do not, do not, want you to go, but that is selfish. You are doing exactly the right thing, and how you plan to spend the next couple of months, after you have moved on, will create the pattern for the rest of your life. You have to do it, in spite of the fact that your friends here want you to stay. What you cannot do is disappear ... you have to always be in contact with us, the folks you are leaving behind, as you should and must.

yillabean said...

i promise i won't disappear.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Just found your blog today and really enjoyed it. Sorry to hear you are leaving BA. A year in Argentina is probably something you will remember the rest of your life... a very small taste of an incredible, unpredictable and very complex place and way of living. As you probably notice, it takes a lot more than a year to understand many things there...sometimes a whole life! If you ever have the need to do it, go back...your Argentinians friends will pick up the conversation exactly where you left it, I'm sure of that!
Safe travels,
(Argentina viviendo en California por 20 anos, con una flia y un deseo inmenso de volver for good!)