Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friend of a friend

Making connections.
Through a friend of a friend I was introduced to a Porteño (a Native Argentine).

Joy had mentioned that a co-worker of hers, Paul, has family in Buenos Aires. After a couple of Paul's emails that exchanged greetings and contact information, I had Hugo's email address. My first contact in BsAs.

Hmmm, should I write the first correspondence in English?
I was able to tell, by reading over the chain of emails, that Hugo knows English, but I could also tell he wasn't fluent. The voice in my head told me "You really should write in his language since he is willing to help you out". An email written in Spanish it is.

Ufff. It took me a long time to express simple greeting and thoughts. I had so much to say but only a limited vocabulary to work with. One thing I wanted to express was that I would like to live in the busy part of the city. I used a translator to give me the Spanish equivalent of "busy", but the word "Ocupado" appeared. I thought "no, that doesn't sound right". Ocupado sounds more like "I can't reach him on the phone, the line is ocupado". Second word choice for "busy"? Active? Translation = Activo. ok, I'll use that one.

Hugo responded quickly. He was very welcoming and offered any help I need. It calms me knowing I have a connection in BsAs.

Muchas gracias Joy and Paul for the introduction.

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