Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moment of insight

Quick post before bed..
I had a moment of insight tonight while on a meandering jog around my small town. The weather was perfect, not cold, not too hot. What I like most about night jogs is when there are no cars insight; I like to jog in the middle of the street. Towards the end of the run I said to my friend, "I just need a life change of pace". She asked, in general, what do you want to do? The word "travel" jumped out of my mouth without thought.

Then it came to me.....
Why not do freelance work while in BsAs? Why am I denying this money maker? Why did I even block this idea? Freelance work would provide me with U.S. dollars in a peso world. Even if I don't pick up much work, money will go a much longer distance south of the equator. More to come on this thought... buenas noches

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