Sunday, September 28, 2008

TESL/TESOL Certified!

Today was my last class! I am officially certified to teach English as a second language. Woo-hoo!

The classes were extremely valuable especially for the price (compared to other organizations that offer the same certificate). We only hit the surface on grammar and the possible grammar questions that we will soon hear. We learned how to break down english and different ways to explain it. Many times there are no explanations or rationale for the english language, you just have to memorize.

Everyone in class gave a presentation/practicum as if they were teaching non-native speakers. For the practicum we created a lesson plan that identified age appropriateness / level / theme / objective and observable outcome. In the lesson plan we included a variety of ways to get the students to write, speak, read an listen. We began our lessons with engaging the students; we had to show why the lesson was valuable to them or why the content is important. We then included a study portion where we would teach a lesson and explain. Finally, we presented an activity where the students would utilized what was learned.

After all presentations were given, we looked over each others ESL centric resumes and cover letters to do a peer critic. We also exchanged helpful ESL resource links on the web.

My classmates were so much fun. In these last two days everyone warmed up to each other. Everyone was interesting and they were also kind and very supportive. The guy who sat behind me always made funny commentaries. By the end of the days (9hour days), I was wearing thin. Typically, when I'm tired, I either cry or can't control my laughter. Luckily it was the latter. There were a couple times when I knew I should not have laughed out loud but it was just too funny not to have. One girl in the class was a character. She was very nice and her heart is in the right place but she was a conversation hijacker. Each time I engaged in a quiet dialog with another student she swooped in and began dominating the conversation with her thoughts and opinions. I didn't want to know HER thoughts, I wanted to know the person I was asking. This happened several times. I began to make it a point not to talk to anyone within earshot of her, but she seemed to gravitate towards me and hijacked away. At that point I would pause and then turned to speak with someone else. oy oy oy.

With each day that passes I'm getting more and more excited about the move. I'm looking forward to next week (the week of October 6th). I'll be finished with weddingpalooza and then I just may buy my plane ticket. Once I click the purchase button it will solidify my decision. (*I have a huge smile on my face right now thinking about it*)

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Nancy said...

Yay! Congratulations on finishing! One HUGE step closer!