Saturday, September 20, 2008

hurt and happiness

This past week was filled with hurt and happiness.

I recovered from my root canal. The procedure itself didn't hurt; it was just painful before and after. Just today, I stopped taking the pain medication but I'm still on the antibiotics. It's my wallet that is still hurting and will be for awhile. However, I'm happy the problem tooth was taken care of now rather than while in a foreign country.

I received my birth certificate and criminal background check in the mail!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I went home to spend time with my family. Just being at home for three days felt like a vacation. I feel so comfortable, safe and I laugh so much when I'm there. When I left, it hurt to say good-bye to Katie. I'm not sure when I'll see her next. I'm so so lucky to have my family.

Today I was back in my weekend "English teacher" classes. This weekend we're diving into grammar. I'm happy I'm not the only one in class that never learned the ins and outs of English grammar. There is so much to learn. It feels strange to know all the grammar, but to not have a term or definition for it. Example... the word "since" is a subordinating conjunction in the following sentence "He has not visited them, since his wife turned 50". Now I just have to learn 50 similar terms and know how to explain them.

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