Friday, September 5, 2008

My first student: English Lesson #1

Sun and I met for one hour last night. We split our time between two books. One is a grammar book and the other is a vocabulary book. In the vocab book, we went over health care related words.

My experience teaching English thus far is good for me. I need to think on my toes. I don't give speaking English too much thought (as with many native speakers), so when Sun asks questions, I don't have the answer right away and sometimes I just don't have the answer. For instance preference of words. Sun's mother-in-law calls "cough drops" "throat candy". I've never heard of "throat candy", it sounds too much like "nose candy" Did she make "throat candy "up?... ok, I just googled it. "Throat Candy" is another name for "cough drops".

Looks like I learned some English last night.

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