Monday, September 22, 2008


I think my desire to live abroad is hard-wired into my curltural genetic code.

Looking at the probability. I'm 80% confident that this move will occur. The 20% got to me last night. Next weekend I'll be finished with my classes and I'll be certified to teach English as a foreign language. The following weekend I'll be attending a wedding. Then.... I can start mapping my plan!

Among other things I will begin to sort though my belongings. What should I keep, sell, give away, throw away? The sell, give away, throw away part makes me a little nervous.

Logically thinking, I don't want or need 90% of my belongings. Much of it collects dust. Emotionally thinking I want to save everything because what if. What if I need my college spiral notebooks a some point? What if I want to read my favorite novel for the 3rd time? What if ....

This afternoon, while walking through my office, feeling a little anxious about giving it all up, I told myself "well, than don't do it, stay here".

That idea freigtens me even more.

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Nancy said...

That's alot to deal with. Do you have someone you can store your stuff with while you are gone?