Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 more students

good news, my boss just called. she's giving me 11 more students. hey, i might actually be able to survive here without pillaging my savings account.

i ask her if we could meet so that i can be paid, because i need to pay my rent. she said she hasn't gotten paid yet and that she's in the red. she'll pay me when she gets paid. (very argentine)


ryoneo said...

wow thats really messed up... how long have u been teaching now and how many students does that make?

yillabean said...

i've been teaching since the end of january. i currently have 13 students and with these new 10 students (just looked at the list and she counted one of the students i already have), so now i'll have 22.

i realized by moving here in november that i was moving here in the summer when students take off from english classes. classes just resumed in march and with my boss being slow she just now gave me more students (april). life moves slower here.

ryoneo said...

interesting...good luck jill, im sure u will do fine

krebiz said...

Funny...i just said the same things to a couple vendors this week, and they were as annoyed with me as you sound annoyed with your boss. Of course, I like to think I'm not half as annoying as your boss based on what you've written about her before, but I bet to the accounts receivable departments in the area, I'm pretty annoying!