Sunday, April 5, 2009


saturday, april 4, 2009
yesterday i was in a funk. i couldn't pull myself out of bed but i finally i did. i haven't studied spanish in a long time so i was feeling down on myself for not seizing an opportunity, so i headed to my favorite cafe to study for 2 hours. i feel like i got a lot accomplished, but afterward i was still feeling, "eh". so i called a friend to see if she wanted to indulge in some 'retail therapy' with me. like a good friend...she did.

so we set out to go shopping for some fall clothes. i didn't enjoy the shopping experience as much as i thought. (this was the first time that i bought clothes in B.A.)

one... I just wanted it to be easy (I wanted to be lazy) and go to my favorite stores; Gap, American Eagle, H&M, Banana Republic, TJ Maxx. instead i had to guess if my budget and I would like stores like "Kill" (real name of a store here). turns out "Kill" clothing isn't my style.

second....the sizes were all over the board (not that u.s. sizes are that much better). the first store I tried on a 29 and they seem to fit. Next store a 38 didn't fit, but a 40 did, next store I bought a cute pair of purple pants in a size 26.

third...trying on fall clothes with the heat jacked up wasn't pleasant. it seemed like all the stores had their heat pumping "come on people, if the shoppers are shopping for 'FALL' clothes you should have the air condition on so that when they put on the sweater they feel comfortable and cozy instead of wanting to rip if off of them, no? not common sense?". one store was so hot. each room had a thick velvet curtain to close off the small dressing room. next to the mirrors were flood lights...or maybe they were heat lamps? anyway it was a million degrees with no air circulating. i was trying on a shirt that was a size 40? i originally saw it in a size 46 but thought it would be too big for me (not that I know my size) so i asked for a smaller size. so, when i tired on the 40 in front of the heat lamps, it got stuck on me!!! I was so hot and now I had a size 40 stuck on me....I eventually got it off, but it wasn't fun.

by the end of my retail therapy I bought a 2 cute long sleeve shirts (70 and 44 pesos ($20 & $12)) and a pair of purple pants for 78 pesos ($22).

to complete our shopping trip we stopped at mcdonalds for a hot fudge sunday. a hot 'dulce de leche' sunday is 4.50 pesos, but if you want the hot fudge sunday it's more...6 pesos.


Gretchen said...

Hi! You dont know me but I stumbled across your blog while doing research on BA. My husband is from there (San Isidro) and we live in San Diego. We come down a few times/year, so your blog is wonderful for me as I try to be an American in BA! My spanish is mediocre at best (I always think its better until I arrive). I just wanted to tell you, though, that I love your blog and admire your determination to succeed there. Its such a tough place to live- it makes you realize how easy it is to live in the US. Your shopping blog made me laugh out loud b/c I have the same experiences there! Ultimately, though, the relationships with people there are priceless, and in my oppinion, so much more authentic than what you get here. They are what make living in BA worth it. Good luck w/ your adventures! Gretchen (

yillabean said...

thank you very much for the kind comment. thank you.

i feel the same about my spanish. i have enough to get by and people understand me, but it is not good by any measure. i get frustrated easily because i think after 4 months i should be much better, but it's a slow process.

you are right, living here makes me realize how easy it is to live in the u.s.. i love the small challenges i face here everyday but sometimes i just want it to be easy!

overall i'm very happy with b.a., but i hope to go home for a short visit soon. but just a visit...i can't see myself leaving b.a. anytime soon.

thanks again