Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5.5 mile tuesday

Tuesday April 14, 2009
I've started to teach some of my new students this week. In total I now teach 23 students a week and 3 private students. Realistically, I can plan on 3-4 students canceling each week. (due to meetings, vacations, etc...)

Tuesdays will be a work-out day for me. Once I get off the subte I walk 1 mile to my 9:30am student. At 10:30am I walk back (near the subte) to meet my 11am student (2miles now). At 1pm I walk back to the same building (as my first student) to meet another student (3 miles) then i walk 0.5 miles to the 4th student of the day and then 1 mile back to the subte (4.5 miles total).
I tracked my mileage using
(photo below: cranes in puerto madero. i walked past these guys 4 times today)(photo below: green peace boat)
(photo below: the woman's bridge in puerto madero. i also walked past this bridge 4 times today)
During the day I ran into my boss. I didn't mention in the blog that I saw her on Monday and told her in a stern voice that I need to be paid for March! Again she skirted the issue by giving excuses. HOWEVER, I think it worked because when I bumped into her today, she apologized for not paying me on time. She said "what you said yesterday, you are absolutely correct. I should pay you on time". I wasn't looking for an apology so that I could get the "ha ha I'm right feeling". I just wanted her to take accountability for her actions; I feel much better now that she did. She also offered to pay me 200 pesos of the 1200 she owes me from March. I appreciated her offer and accepted.

So, after my 4 students and a payment installment, I went back to my apartment at 3:30pm. I napped for 1/2 hour, sent some emails, prepared for some classes and then at 5:30pm I had my Spanish lesson. I've been terrible at Spanish lately. Nothing has been sticking and I really don't speak Spanish with anyone. Sure, yes, I'm living in 'Spanish world' here, but I speak English all day with my students and I have many American friends here. Yes, yes, the major problem lies with me and that is what I'm most mad at. I need to force myself, no matter how uncomfortable I may feel and I need to search for more opportunities to speak. bad me.

At 8:30pm I headed out to salsa with my neighbor girls. I really didn't feel like going, but once I got to the club and heard the music and started to dance, my mind was at ease and happy. Salsa is my drug of choice.

There were 3 levels of classes. Beginner, intermediate and rueda. The rueda is a Cuban style of dancing where pairs form a circle. I tried rueda salsa dancing back home, but this style wasn't as popular as it is here. So, the class was a new salsa challenge for me and I liked it.

My neighbor girls invited their friends, who were guys, to join us. They enjoyed themselves too. Around midnight we all decided to leave. The guys offered to walk us home. I think I literally jumped out of my seat. I love walking in the evening!!, but it's something I don't do here (except when Nicholas was here). It's just not a good idea for a girls to walk alone at night. So, to end my night, I got to walk home from salsa! (1 mile walk home which put me at 5.5 miles today)


DN said...

Interesting pic of the Greenpeace boat -- I was on my way to Uruguay on Buquebus the other day and we passed it coming into port. From what I can make out of the words on the banner in your photo it's here to protest about the state of the Riachuelo river in the south of the city, which is basically a toxic dumping ground despite years of government promises to clean it up.

yillabean said...

Thanks for the comment!
Looking at the boat in person, I have no idea how it got in the port. (the water in the 'dique' looks so low). When I was walking by it on Tuesday there was a news crew on board filming.

I hear there are also protests up north along the river due to a paper company dumping toxic chemicals in the river. Sheesh, so you hear it's down stream too?